Zoom #2 - Getting to Know the Leaf Pattern April 3, 2022 10:54

Thursday's introduction was a lot of me talking about the symbolic aspect of the Rebirth KAL. In this meeting, I discuss knitting-related info about the beginning of the pattern and the Leaf Pattern first, then go into the symbolic info of the leaf pattern. And for each segment, there is a period of Q&A, comments or show and tell.

What you'll see in this Recording

The Knitting Segment
• How to do the long-tail cast-on (1:46)
• Joining on circular needles, to work in the round (
• Following a chart for knitting in the round (
• How to do the yo and s2kp stitches (
• A period of Knitting Q&A or show and tell (

The Symbolic Segment
• About a 10-minute meditation with your knitting (
• Investigating what the different parts of the Leaf Pattern represent
• How this KAL is aligned with the Moon's cycles. (

Zoom Meeting Recording:

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