Zoom 8 - Closing Ceremony June 21, 2022 09:39

Here is the recording for the eighth (and final) Zoom meeting for the Rebirth KAL, which took place on June 21, 2022.


What to expect in this recording:

• An intro to begin the closing process.
• Appreciation and gratitude (lighting the candle or light)
• Reflection on lessons learned (drinking the water)
• Letting go, cleansing and releasing (cleansing with smoke/breath)
• Moving forward (embracing your project)
• A final slow-knitting meditation

What to Bring:

The following are some suggestions of what to have with you during this meeting. None of it is required, but they are recommended to have as something symbolically tangible.

• A candle or some kind of light to be turned on
• A cleansing smoke like sage, mugwort, incense or something to your liking. Your breath can be an alternative if you prefer.
• Water in a naturally-made vessel, like glass, clay, etc… (not plastic)
• Your completed project
• Any photos or idols for helping energies, guides, ancestors, etc…
• The tools (needles, stitch markers, tapestry needle, scissors, project bag, etc…) that you used during your project
• Any remaining yarn
• Your printed pattern (if applicable)
• If you have another project in progress, you're invited to include it as part of the final meditation.

Thank you for participation in this KAL! You're invited to share about your experience by answering these questions, or sharing a testimonial.