Zoom Call #1 / Intro & Opening Ceremony March 30, 2022 22:40

The first Zoom meeting for the KAL was on March 31, 2022. The recording is below.

What is included in this recording:

• A brief personal introduction

• A little info about how this project came to be
• A summary of the hat and pullover knitting patterns
• A summary of the symbolic nature of the patterns
• A crash course in how to use this project symbolically (which we will expand on as you practice and gain direct experience and through future Q & A periods)
• An intention-setting meditation with your tools, yarn, project bag and any symbolic/helping totems (candle, herbs, incense, idols, photos, etc…) you'd like to include.
• The symbolism for the garter stitch and if there's time we can touch on the Leaf Pattern symbolism as well.
• An overview of checking gauge in the Leaf Pattern in the round.
• How to do the S2KP and SSK stitches.

Full Disclosure

This will be my first time hosting a Zoom call and the technology is new to me. I'm nervous about doing this, as this kind of interacting and sharing is part of my Rebirth process and I'm stepping far outside my hermit comfort zone to be hosting this KAL and discussing meditative insights in a public forum. I ask for your patience and understanding as I navigate this unfamiliar territory.

I'm telling myself that it's okay to jump in and let it feel messy. That we're all human and it's okay for new things to feel clumsy and uncomfortable at first. I'm doing what I can to remain mindful and have forethought about things that may be helpful to your process, and I ask that if there is anything you need at any time during this KAL—any support, guidance, clarification, tutorials, whatever (relating to this knitting project and the self-reflecting process)—that you please allow yourself to speak up. Not only will you benefit, but I will, and I'm sure there will be others who benefit from your doing so as well. There is the Facebook group, Ravelry group, and my personal e-mail open to you, if and when you need them.

I'm grateful you're coming on this adventure with me.

That said… I invite you to join me for this first Zoom call. Bring along whatever tools and yarn you've gathered and we'll get started! And if your yarn hasn't shown up yet (like mine), just bring whatever you've got—even if it's simply your Self.

Zoom Recording