Call for Pattern Testers - Blackberry Pie Sweater March 2, 2022 17:56

So, a couple weeks ago, I made a post outlining some changes that I'm making to my pattern testing process. I've decided not to completely abandon my old way of testing. I can see the benefits for us both in doing it both ways.

That said, I'm really, really, really excited that the pattern for the Blackberry Pie Sweater is now ready for testing!

You can read about the measurements, materials, gauge, etc… here.

Testing Info

This test has just started up on Yarn Pond, and is going through May 1, 2022.

If you think you can whip one of these beauties up in that time frame, I invite you to join the test! My only requirements are:

• A project page is created on Ravelry, with photos
• Knitting is completed by May 1, 2022
• Weekly updates are posted in the Yarn Pond chat room for the test.
• You let me know if anything is confusing or difficult.
• Honesty to yourself and me about your realistic commitment to testing.

Read all about the testing process, and apply here.


Knit it without a Deadline

Alternatively, if you want to start knitting this now, but don't want to commit to the May 1, 2022 deadline, 10 of the 12 pages of the pattern are available on Patreon right now and the completed pattern is planned to be posted this month.

It's $5/month to join my Patreon and get access to the pattern. There are lots of other benefits to joining, too.

Like reading about what this sweater means to me.
Discounts, free patterns and more...

I hope to see you joining in on the fun while we knit this pattern together.

Changes to Pattern Testing and a New Pattern to Test! February 10, 2022 09:58

Greetings pattern tester!

My relationship to my knit-design business has been evolving, and I'm writing to share with you what that means for my pattern testing process, for the time being. And a new pattern is available for testing—The REBIRTH Pullover—Please read through to the end to take part in testing this unique new kind of pattern.

What's Different?

I've discovered that I would love to have you knitting along with me as I work on current and upcoming self-published patterns. Which means I won't be completing the sample sweater BEFORE beginning the pattern-testing process, as I've done in the past.

Instead, I'm inviting testers to access the raw, unedited pattern as it's being written, and create along with me as I write the pattern. I believe this will encourage me to be more involved and engaged in the testing process, which will make it more fun for me, and everyone involved.

How's it work?

In-progress pattern access is granted to everyone who takes part in my Patreon community. There is a shared Google Drive folder, with the patterns, charts, etc… for each of the patterns that I have in-progress, but have not yet published.

Knitters may work on the projects at their leisure, with the knowledge of my intended publication date, but without the pressure of being required to complete their project by any set date. You're your own boss.

Knitters who do complete their project before my publication date will get a coupon code for $10 to use toward patterns, or yarn, books, etc… from my website.

Being part of my Patreon also entitles you to exclusive behind-the-scenes information about my new designs, such as the inspiration and meanings behind why I created it the way I did. It also provides you with the opportunity to connect personally with me, and share your thoughts and opinions about current and future knitwear projects. There's also access to a 25% coupon code for all purchases from my website.

What to Expect:

For future patterns, I'll announce on this blog—or to your inbox if you're subscribed to my Pattern Testing Newsletter—whenever a new pattern is added to the folder, and invite you gain access (by participating in Patreon) for the duration of your knitting process.

This is a way to participate in pattern testing without all the stressful strict rules, expectations and deadlines of how I used to do it. I'm taking a break from those kinds of things. I think with the state of the world right now, we all need more opportunities for relaxation—less stress! I just want us all to have fun doing what we enjoy doing.


There is a $5 monthly fee to be part of my Patreon community. I'm putting my pattern testing behind this paywall to weed out any knitters who are just looking for a free pattern, who aren't serious about doing the knitting and testing. That was one of my biggest issues with how I used to test. SOOOO many folks would sign up, get the pattern and ghost… never to be heard from again.

You're welcome to cancel your membership at any time, knowing that doing so removes your access to the pattern folder and all other Patreon benefits.

Start Knitting the REBIRTH Pullover

The pattern and chart for the Rebirth Pullover are currently available for you to begin knitting. This is a new kind of pattern for me. Of course it includes the instructions for how to knit the physical sweater. It is also a symbolic project which may be used as a mirror for self reflection, and to intend your own personal rebirth into being a more authentic you.

So, not only have I been writing the pattern, but also including info about how to unify the intention of the tools, yarn, etc… toward a common goal of helping you grow. There's a kind of story, with questions to ponder, and ways to perceive what is being knit that will assist in guiding you toward getting to know yourself better, and intend for a more authentic future.


The intended publication date for this pattern is March 21, 2022. However this is a project that I'm encouraging you to knit AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE. If you plan on growing yourself along with the sweater, going slow will facilitate the mindfulness suggested to get the most out of the project. So, there is no deadline for you to complete your sweater.

Testing Requirements:

There are no testing requirements on my part, but I request that if you do start knitting that you also please create a project page on Ravelry, and link following the testing code given in the pattern.

I'm also requesting that if you do stumble over something in the pattern, to please point it out to me by leaving a comment on the Google Doc, or in the Patreon post, so I may bring clarity to it for you and future knitters.

There are a lot of firsts for me with this pattern, and I'm learning these things along with you. I'm all for taking it slow, and being cooperative so we can create beautiful things together. Thanks for being here.




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