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I began designing with yarn professionally while working at Classic Elite Yarns in 2005, as their graphic designer. As the years progressed I took on the task of being their pattern technical editor and gained experience with designing and publishing.

In 2010 I stepped away from the 9-5 world and began freelancing as a knit and crochet technical editor and did a little bit of designing on the side. Today, those roles have reversed. I've discovered how therapeutic it is for me to design—bringing to life the subtle feeling or concept of what yarn might become. My full-time focus right now is designing, and creating educational material so crafters may learn whatever skills needed to follow my patterns.

I specialize in seamless sweater design, and enjoy coming up with unique constructions of classic silhouettes. I've written three books, two of which are focused on seamless sweater knitting, and one self-published book dedicated to a handful of earth-friendly yarns from Maine—Knitting Maine.

For years I've been conscious of selecting yarns for my designs that are created with ecological practices, and more recently I'm bringing my awareness to using yarns from people identifying as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+.

I hope for a future where there is equality for everyone and I periodically use the sales of my patterns toward supporting the efforts toward that goal.

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