About Kristen

Kristen TenDyke designs classic sweaters with unique construction. She specializes in seamless knitting and always keeps Mother Nature in mind when making yarn choices. Kristen strives to provide you with patterns that are easy to follow, enjoyable and engaging to make! She is the author of Finish Free Knits, Knitting Maine and No-Sew Knits.

In 2010, Kristen began a growing collection of patterns that are dedicated to supporting the use and production of eco-friendly yarns. Her Caterpillar Knits patterns use yarns that are organic, fair trade, low carbon footprint, recycled, animal friendly or vegan yarns that use low impact, natural dyes, or no dye at all. By creating these patterns, Kristen hopes to inspire others to join her quest to sustain the well-being of our Earth with each yarn decision we make. 

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