Zeron Pullover September 23, 2020 07:56

I've been crocheting for what seems like my whole life. My mom taught me when I was very young, and my love of it snowballed (avalanched?) from there. But, it wasn't until recently that I discovered the joy (and obsession) of crochet cables.

The Zeron Pullover is worked in Valley Yarns Superwash Sport yarn, in single crochet with a cable panel on the front and back. Markers indicate where the cables are worked on RS rows, and every WS row is worked in single crochet all the way across.

The cables are worked by making post-front (double, treble, or double-treble) crochet stitches around previous post stitches from the rows below. Sometimes (to make the crosses), they are worked over or under one another. That's the gist of it. If you've never done them, I highly suggest giving them a try. They're not as difficult as they may seem at first.

The Zeron Pullover pattern is available from WEBS as a digital download or with the yarn as a kit. It's sized for 31" up to 57.5" bust circumferences.

While I was making the Zeron Pullover, I took a video of one of the cables. It's not a technical tutorial, but you can watch how it's done, and build your confidence in being able to do them yourself! Which I entirely believe you can!

Here's another video in which I discuss a whole lot more about how this sweater is made. Take a look!

And… with the Bedrine and Zeron patterns now available, I can share publicly this Designing Update video, which was originally only available to my Patreon subscribers. If you enjoyed this video, there are lots more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at what I'm working on right now available on Patreon. Learn more.

Here are all the Patreon posts that include the Zeron WIP.

New! Windy Sea Pullover September 9, 2020 04:47

Willow Yarns has recently created a beautiful yarn with a blend of wool and alpaca—Dusk. It's amazingly soft, and works up super fast in crochet. They sent me a little sample over the summer, and I whipped up this beauty for them. Take a look!

The Windy Sea Pullover is worked flat, in separate pieces and seamed by single crocheting through two pieces of fabric. I love that "seaming" crochet doesn't require the use of a tapestry needle, nor sewing skills.

The ribbing at the hem and sleeve cuffs is worked sideways, by working half-double crochet stitches through the back loop. Then the wavy stripe pattern is worked along the selvedge.

The back and front are worked straight up to the underarms. The sleeves are increased from the cuff to the underarm.

I tried a few different ways of shaping the sleeves before I settled on a gradual increase. I didn't get a photo of the sleeves in progress, but here's a screen shot from one of my Patreon Designing updates. You can watch that video here, and see all my Patreon posts relating to the Windy Sea Pullover here.

The body and sleeves are worked separately, then the sides and raglan lines are joined before working the upper yoke section.

The stitches for the yoke are worked around the tops of the body and sleeves, in the round… sort of. In order to give the same ribbing effect as on the hem and cuffs, the half-double-crochet stitches that are worked into the back loop need to be worked in rows. So, at the end of each "round" the round is joined then turned, like working in rows.

The pattern is written for sizes 37" to 67"! Read more about sizing, yarn requirements, gauge, etc… here. And the Windy Sea Pullover pattern can be purchased online from Willow Yarns as a digital download, printed pattern or with the yarn as a kit.

What kinds of things can you imagine yourself doing while wearing this cozy crochet sweater?

Jackson Cap is Now available! December 7, 2019 00:00

The Pattern

The Jackson Unisex Cap pattern is now available! It's a really quick-to-make and easy hat. I've made a few. They'll make great gifts this holiday season!

There is a little counting in the beginning, but once the crown is shaped it's easy breezy all the way down. I want to make a ton of these!

This is a great pattern for a beginning crocheter who might like to learn a new stitch—the front post double crochet. I've included photo tutorials in the pattern to avoid any places that might be confusing!

Take a look at the pattern info and get your copy today!

The Pattern on Ravelry

I just set up something that I think is a really great feature from Ravelry. Now, when you buy a pattern from my website, you'll get the option to have it sent to your Ravelry library! Or, you may download it directly from Ravelry.


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New Pattern - Jackson Unisex Cap November 29, 2019 04:00

The Jackson Unisex Cap a simple crocheted hat—great for an easy mindless project, or for an adventurous beginning crocheter, willing to learn a new stitch or two.


It begins at the center of the crown and is worked around and around in a spiral in single crochet. Then there is one round of increases to establish the front-post-double-crochet stitches. After that point the increases are done, and it's just simple stitching until the hat is your desired length.

The edging is worked by reversing single crochet stitches to work them in the opposite direction—a fancy-looking stitch called "Crab Stitch".
Two of the four pattern pages include photo tutorials, showing exactly where to put the hook for a stitches that might be new to you—such as the front-post-double-crochet stitch.
The pattern is written for 4 sizes, ranging from baby to adult, so it will fit anyone you'd make one for.
It uses a worsted weight yarn, between 120 and 210 yards, which is probably around 50 to 100 grams of your favorite worsted yarn!
This simple stitch pattern will look great in solid and multi colored yarns.

This new crochet hat pattern will be available to my Patreon patrons tomorrow, and will be published publicly for everyone in just one more week.


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New Crochet Pattern - Vines and Flowers Wrap May 30, 2016 06:00

Lattice-work, with traveling vines, graced with an edge of flowers, this wrap is simple, fun to make and oh-so-cozy to wear. The Vines and Flowers Wrap (or scarf) pattern is available in the June 2016 issue of I Like Crochet, along with my Rad in Red Tank pattern.


About the Pattern:

The center vine section is crocheted  in rows as a rectangle in a simple chain and double-crochet pattern, then the flower border is worked in the round around the edge. The pattern is written in 2 sizes, so you can make a scarf or a wrap.


About the Yarn:

My sample is crocheted using Quince & Co.'s Piper yarn—a beautiful blend of mohair and merino, grown, spun and dyed in the USA. It's a super-soft lace-weight yarn that is super nice to crochet with. It has a gorgeous halo that really stands out in this wrap.


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Where would you wear this wrap?
In what color would you make this?
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New Crochet Pattern & Giveaway - Savona May 3, 2016 02:51

SavonaClassic Elite Yarns has just published A Time for Crochet—a book full of crochet patterns. It includes my Savona pattern, crocheted using Classic Elite's Crestone yarn.





How it's Made:

The body of Savona is crocheted in the lace pattern as one piece from the bottom up to the underarms. Chain stitches are added for the left sleeve then the left front and sleeve are crocheted to the shoulder. Chain stitches are added for the right sleeve then the back, and back sleeves are worked to the shoulder. Then the right front and sleeve are worked to the shoulder. The back and front sleeves are joined with single crochet.

Then ribbing is worked along the lower edge, button bands, neckline and cuffs by working hdc-blo side-to-side and joining to the body as they are worked. It's a completely seamless crochet sweater!

View it on Ravelry

A Time to Crochet

In addition to Savona, A Time to Crochet includes seven other patterns, including a poncho, scarf and fingerless mitts. Some of my favorites are Livorno, by Susan Mills—a striped raglan; Bergamo, by Charles Voth—an open cardigan with a lacy front edge; and Alessandria, by Robyn Chachula—a motif cardigan with an elegant split side seam detail.


Enter to Win a FREE Copy!

Comment below with what yarn and color you would use to crochet your Savona sweater, and you'll be entered to win a printed copy of A Time To Crochet, by Classic Elite Yarns. I'll randomly select a winner* on Tuesday May 31st, 2016 around noon.

*Winner must live in the continental US to receive the printed book.

UPDATE: Congrats to MJ Johnson who commented: "I would use the mountain top crestone in the plymoth rock hen colorway – beautiful pattern and beautiful yarn!". She won a copy of A Time To Crochet!



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