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Sigyn's Bowl

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In the Norse myths, Sigyn (SIG-in) is the wife of Loki, who is bound to a stone where a snake will eternally drip venom onto him. Sigyn stands over him with a bowl, collecting the venom until it’s full, then empties it and does it again, and again, and again…

The loyalty, endurance and compassion she has is respectable and something I wish to cultivate more of in my own life. Even in the midst of being traumatized herself by witnessing what was done to her sons and husband, she is still compelled to help take away the suffering of others.

This pattern will make a small, shallow felted bowl. Gauge, yarn and needle size are not critical for this design. Choose what you like!

Photos show the bowl before and after felting.

Finished Measurements: The finished size will vary depending on how much it felts. My finished bowl measures 17½" (44.5 cm) circumference after felting.

Yarn: Choose a 100% animal fiber yarn that is NOT superwash. Superwash yarn will not felt. I used O-Wool's Local in the Steelhead color for the center and Green Mountain Spinnery's Mountain Mohair in the Spice color for the outer section.

Needles: I suggest using a needle size that will give a slightly tight gauge. I used a size US 5 (3.75 mm) set of 5 double pointed needles.

Gauge: Is not critical for this design. I didn't measure what I got on my bowl.

I used this slip ring method and the center color to cast on 8 stitches, then divide them evenly over 4 dpns to work in the round.

Set-Up Round 1: Knit into the front and back of each stitch around—16 stitches.
Set-Up Round 2: Knit.
Set-Up Round 3: [Increase a stitch, k1, place a marker] 8 times around—24 stitches.
Set-Up Round 4, Establish Seed Stitch: [P1, k1, p1, slip marker] 8 times.

Shape Base of Bowl
Round 1 (increase purlwise): *Increase a stitch purlwise, k1, [p1, k1] to marker, slip marker, repeat from * 7 more times—8 stitches increased.

Round 2: [K1, p1] around.

Round 3 (increase knitwise): *Increase a stitch knitwise, [p1, k1] to marker, slip marker; repeat from * 7 more times—8 stitches increased.
Round 4: *P1, [k1, p1] to marker, slip marker; repeat from * 7 more times.

Continue increasing on every other round until there are 64 stitches (8 between each marker), then change colors and increase every 3rd round until there are 80 stitches (10 between each marker).

Next Round: Increase 1 stitch knitwise or purlwise keeping in pattern and continue working in Seed stitch as established to end, removing all markers except at the beginning of the round—81 stitches.

Continue in seed stitch until the second color measures about 2½" (6.5 cm), then bind off in pattern.

Weave in ends, then agitate it in hot water with a little dish soap by washing machine or by hand (I did it by hand). Shape it, put it someplace to dry, then trim off any fuzz if desired.

Enjoy your new bowl!

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