The Cable-Cast-on Method November 16, 2020 07:00

The Cable Cast-on is a stable and sturdy cast-on method, great for using at the beginning of a project, or if stitches need to be cast on mid-project, like at the underarm or neck of a sweater.

Take a look!

The Best Cast-on for K1, P1 Ribbing November 9, 2020 10:47

The Tubular cast-on is the perfect cast-on to compliment k1, p1 ribbing.
In this video tutorial I show you how to cast on an odd number of stitches to work back and forth in rows. 

Knitted Cast-on Video Knitting Tutorial October 26, 2020 02:27

 The Knitted Cast-on method is easy to remember for beginning knitters because it's just like the knit stitch!
Learn how.

Backwards Loop Cast-on Video Knitting Tutorial October 11, 2020 23:36

 The Backwards Loop Cast-on is great for casting on small numbers of stitches. I recommend it often in my patterns when casting on underarm or neck stitches. Learn how.



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