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The Rebirth Pullover and Rebirth Hat patterns have been written to include a symbolic story (summary is in the PDFs only) to encourage self awareness by using the project as a tool/mirror for self reflection.

The symbolism of the body/Leaf pattern is about getting to know yourself as you are. The sleeves represent aspects of yourself that you’re unaware of or separate from—the things you want to include in your life, as well as that which has kept itself hidden and separate from your conscious awareness. The yoke represents the unification of that which you know yourself to be with that which you have kept separate from yourself. The yoke is about your unification with the authentic version of yourself, by accepting yourself as the whole of who you are.

The second annual Free KAL will begin on March 21, 2023. Join the newsletter for more information as the event nears.

This is not a typical KAL in that there is no rush. In fact, it’s highly encouraged for you to take your time—go at your own speed—and intentionally bring slowness into the process of creating your sweater. There is no expectation for you to “keep up” with the rate of the zoom calls, or anyone else’s progress. Begin whenever you’re ready! All calls were all recorded and available for you to watch when you’re ready for them.

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