It's time to Prepare March 24, 2022 11:00

Welcome to the Rebirth Knit-A-Long!

The 2023 KAL begins March 21.
Now is a great time to prepare to cast on!

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Gathering Materials
Before you get started, I invite you to start gathering up your materials. You may find a list of what you’ll need in the patterns.

Rebirth Hat pattern

Rebirth Pullover pattern

Yarn Choice
As you consider yarn—I invite you to think about what the fiber, color, texture, etc… might mean to you. How might they be representative of Rebirth?

I choose undyed organic cotton (Blue Sky Fibers Skinny Cotton) to represent a blank slate. Undyed and organic symbolizes (to me) something untouched by outside influence. And I choose cotton because the softness of it represents a tenderness that I want to embody.

Sometimes our minds won’t understand why we want to use something. So, if you just like it and don’t know why—that’s great too!

Don’t put too much mental energy into your yarn choice. Go with what feels right to you, but do find something DK or light worsted, so the gauge will work out well. 

A Little Playful:
If you’d like to play a little bit, consider the knitting needles, stitch markers, yarn, project bag, etc… to be your team mates and friends for this process. Gather them together so they can get to know one another… Pick the ones you like, that you think will bring joy to this process for you.

During the first Zoom call, we’ll be setting an intention with all the tools, inviting them to join together with you for your Rebirth process.

Some Ritual Tools
All of these are optional, though recommended for the first Zoom call, if they are something that is available to you and within your comfort zone. It’s also perfectly fine to not use these things.

• 2 candles (one for beginning, and one for ending the project)
• Sage, mugwort, incense or another kind of cleansing smoke (optional).
• A notebook to keep track of any thoughts and insights along the way.
• A container—something to hold the project in during its creation, like a project bag.
• Any other symbolic representations of helping powers, such as idols, drawings, written names of ancestors, photos, etc…

What does Rebirth mean to you?
And finally, before beginning this Rebirth sweater and process, I invite you to consider: What does REBIRTH mean to you?

Having a notebook handy throughout this process might be something to consider. It may surprise you what comes out of you as you jot down a few words.

I’m excited you’re here, and can’t wait to knit along with you! I’m planning on making another (dark, long-sleeve) version of this sweater myself. I think it’ll be fun! Feel free to say “hi” on Facebook and/or Ravelry and chat about whatever thoughts or questions you have about this KAL.