Knitting Maine

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In Knitting Maine, Kristen TenDyke combines her love of seamless construction with a passion for sustaining the planet. Included in this 48 page book are four brand new, mostly seamless sweater patterns, and a worsted-weight, drop-stitch shawl—all knit using yarns from Maine-based farms or yarn companies with eco-conscious practices.

This collection has been inspired by the rolling landscape and chilly weather of this beautiful north-eastern state. Throughout this book, you’ll find projects to help you and/or your loved ones keep warm this season. The cool autumn mornings that lead to sunny, warm afternoons often inspire dressing in layers. What better way to keep warm than with local yarn?

For each of the yarns used, there is a review of the processes that the fiber goes through, and how those processes help sustain our Earth. Kristen interviewed and/or visited each of the establishments and includes photos of each of them, showing the animals, equipment and environment where the yarns are produced.

As with all her Caterpillar Knits designs, Kristen choose these yarns because their processing helps sustain our Mother Earth by using natural or low-impact dyes, being locally sourced and having animal-friendly practices.

Each time we choose an eco-friendly yarn we vote to maintain the health and wellness of our planet and help make this world a better place for us all to live.

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