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No-Sew Knits

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Learn how to knit sweaters seamlessly in Kristen TenDyke's book, No-Sew Knits! Her patterns are not only attractive, they are constructed beautifully with lovely shaping and no assembly required.

As a follow-up to her popular Finish-Free Knits book and video workshop, knitwear designer Kristen TenDyke is back with 20 new seamless projects! In No-Sew Knits Kristen will teach you to knit the perfect sweater—no assembly required! Through clever planning and some simple techniques, projects are shaped and joined during knitting—all without sacrificing the pretty details.

You'll love this book if:
• You want projects that require no sewing
• You're looking for interchangeable knitting patterns
• You're looking for techniques on seamless hems, seamless pockets, faux side seams, short row sleeve caps, and so much more

Inside No-Sew Knits you'll find 20 knitting projects that combine easy construction techniques and on-trend comfortable styling for everyday wear. While many sweaters are based on simple raglan and yoke constructions, Kristen takes the opportunity to introduce you to a variety of other easier-than-they-seem techniques, while keeping the patterns approachable for knitters of all skill levels.

Tips and Tricks

In No-Sew Knits Kristen shares many tips to bring seamless knitting beyond the patterns in the book, including:

Picking Up Stitches
Why Use Edging?
The Amazing Provisional Cast-on
Seamless Set-in Sleeve Caps
Interchangeable Stitch Patterns
Seamless Modified Drop Sleeve Caps
Adjusting Sleeve Length to Fit You!
Adding a Hood to Any Sweater
Knitting Seamless Hems
Adding a Seamless Pocket to Any Sweater
The Joy of Lifelines
Shaping Lace
Shape Bust Darts with Short-rows
the Joy of Faux Side Seams
Keeping in Pattern While Increasing/Decreasing
What Are the Different Types of Increases?
Decreasing in Pattern While Maintaining the Correct Stitch Count
Alternating Skeins of Hand-dyed Yarns
Picking Up Stitches to Maintain a Stitch Pattern




Planet Purl
Interview with Kristen, about No-Sew Knits


  From Colleen: Kristen this is such a wonderful book! For three nights I cuddled up each night after dinner with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and this inspiring book. I own quite a selection of knitting books so I don't purchase them anymore unless they are exceptional and this one definitely falls into that category. I think "Dreamy Pullover" has been put at the top of the queue! Bravo Kristen!

  From Jenn: I cannot tell you how excited I was to stumble upon this book yesterday. Normally, I flick through the patterns of a book and think I might knit one or two (then I groan about how infrequently you can buy individual patterns from collections or books), but this book has me wanted to knit just about all of them.

I took the plunge and bought the ebook tonight and I am not disappointed. I can t wait to complete all of my UFOs this week and get stuck into the first pattern: the Heroic vest. I m giddy with excitement at the idea of swanning around in the Sunshine pullover, but I figured I should start at the beginning.

Thank you Kristen for a detailed and well photographed book. You ve filled my entire year with projects.


Knitting Daily
How To Shape Your Knitted Lace

Knitting Scholar
Review of No-Sew Knits
Review by Pam McKenzie

Just One More Row Podcast
Review begins at 26.30


Two Tangled Skeins
Episode 86
Review begins at 20:00


The Knit Girllls
Episode 235
Review begins at 23:00


Sensual Open Cardigan Pages 95-96:
- On the Joining Row of the yoke, purl instead of knit.
- Shape sleeve caps, short-row 2 should say “turn piece with WS facing” the second time.
  Rejoice Tunic Page 137:
- Sizes 32½ (36½)" (82.5 [92.5] cm) only should say 33 (37)" (84 [94] cm) only
- Sizes 40¾ (44¾, 49, 53, 57¼)" (103.5 [113.5, 124.5, 134.5, 145.5] cm) only should say: 41¼ (45¼, 49½, 53½, 57¼)" (105 [115, 125.5, 136, 146.5] cm)
  Glossary LLI: (Left Lifted Increase) Use LH needle to pick up the st 2 sts below the last st on the RH needle, then knit into it (1 st increased).
LLPI: (Left Lifted Purl Increase) Use LH needle to pick up the st 2 sts below the last st on the RH needle, then purl into it (1 st increased).
RLI: (Right Lifted Increase) Use RH needle to pick up the st below the next st on the LH needle, then knit into it (1 st increased).
RLPI: (Right Lifted Purl Increase) Use RH needle to pick up the st below the next st on the LH needle, then purl into it (1 st increased).

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