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Welcome to my collection of free patterns. In an effort to make many of my patterns more financially accessible, these are free to view online, with the option to purchase the PDF of the pattern at whatever cost works for you.

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Rebirth Pullover - Free Pattern March 21, 2022 20:37

The Rebirth Pullover is a beautiful leafy-lace top, worked seamlessly from the bottom up. There is a symbolic aspect to this pattern, intended to guide the one creating it through a rebirth process of unifying with their authentic self.

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Broken Rib Tank - Free Pattern March 8, 2022 23:05

This simple summer top is worked seamlessly from the bottom up. The body is worked in the round to the armholes, then the back and front are divided. The back and front are worked separately, briefly for some armhole shaping and short-rows. Then stitches are cast on over the arms, and the yoke is worked in the round to the neckline, decreasing along the way.

The simple stockinette works up fast and easy, then the broken rib yoke keeps it interesting until the end.

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