New Pattern - Treat Yourself Cardigan June 17, 2016 06:00 2 Comments

Short-sleeve, eyelets, and minimal shaping make the Treat Yourself Cardigan a treat to knit this summer! It's easy to carry along with you, and is relatively mindless knitting, great for knitting during car rides, at cook outs, ball games, etc… Check out the June 2016 issue of I Like Knitting for your copy of the pattern.


About the Pattern:

The body is knit from the bottom up, without waist shaping so the lace pattern is easy. At the underarms the back and fronts are divided. The left front is worked first, including some stitches that were cast on for the sleeve. Then the back is knit, including stitches picked up along the left front sleeve cast-on edge, and stitches cast on for the right sleeve.

Finally, the right front is worked, including some stitches picked up along the right sleeve cast-on from the back. At the shoulders the fronts and backs are joined with a three-needle bind-off. Some bands are picked up and knit and you're done! It's completely seamless, and each step is written out in detail, making it easy to follow along.

About the Yarn:

I choose Classic Elite's Soft Linen for the Treat Yourself Cardigan. The alpaca, wool and linen blend make this yarn into a great transitional-weather yarn. The alpaca and wool give it a bit of warmth with a subtle halo, and the linen provides a warm-weather crispness that is firm and stable.

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