Tutorial—How to knit the Backwards Loop Cast-on Method October 19, 2016 10:32

How to Knit the Backwards Loop Cast-on MethodThe backwards loop cast-on is a great method to use when casting on just a few stitches. It's quick and easy to do! However, it's not super stable, so I don't recommend using it for a large number of stitches. It's perfect for adding a few stitches to the neck and underarms of sweaters, and I use it in those areas often in my patterns.




UPDATE: Check out the Video Tutorial here.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: At the end of either a RS or WS row, wrap the yarn around your thumb or forefinger as shown above. This technique is done the same way for RS or WS rows.


Step 2: Insert the right-hand needle under the strand of yarn at the front of your finger.


Step 3: Remove your finger from the loop and tighten the loop around the hook.


Repeat Steps 1–3 until the desired number of stitches are cast on. Here there are 5 stitches shown.

Patterns that Use the Backwards Loop Cast-on:

Little Numina


Hasta Mitts