From Sketch to Stitches - The "Kristen" Sweater September 16, 2015 09:30

Once upon a time, Green Mountain Spinnery put out a design submission call for their Mountain Mohair yarn. It's such a cozy yarn! I was inspired to design something cozy to match how I feel when I think about the yarn.

First I sketched.

Then I swatched. You can see that the cable pattern I decided on is less pointy than in the sketch. The rounded edges feel more in alignment with the cozy-ness I feel when I think about wearing this yarn.

I e-mailed my design submission (and whoops—called it "Mountain Merino"!)

Then I waited. (Insert Jeopardy theme music here.)

Then on one fateful day, I got the response that my design was accepted! Hooray!
I found a knitter, (read more about how to hire sample knitters), sent her the pattern, then she worked her magic.

Photos are by Gale Zucker.

I'm so honored they choose to name the sweater after me, too! The "Kristen" pattern can be found for sale on Ravelry.

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