The Ripening of the Raspberry Cheesecake Capelet October 27, 2021 18:04

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen me working on this over the past few months (#RaspberryCheesecakeCapelet). It's named the Raspberry Cheesecake Capelet, after a yummy treat I just happened to make around the same time that I purchased the yarn. The links to the pattern and recipe are below…

This was one of those designs that I could feel existing before I really knew what it was. I let the yarn "talk" to me, to see what it wanted to become. Feeling out this design was a lot of fun. It morphed and changed quite a bit as I sketched through a variety of shapes before settling on the one that felt just right. Once I got this sketch on paper I knew it was perfect, then I cast on.

The cable motif over the heart on the front and back is inspired by Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree, and the 9 realms that dwell upon/within it. I also see the cable representing the interwoven nature of all of reality… in some metaphorical way.

The wavy cabled sections over the shoulders visually reminds me of the way armor was worn over the shoulders of ancient warriors. Metaphorically, I see the wavy lines as streams of water, consciousness or energy that represent lifetimes.

So, why on Earth is it named Raspberry Cheesecake? Let's just say I loved the juxtaposition of Norse warrior with sweet and yummy… Life's about having fun, and things don't always need to make sense. The pink yarn matched the treat I was eating, and the idea just stuck.

Techniques Used

• Tubular Cast on (tutorial link included)
• K2, P2 RIbbing
• Lifted Increases (LLI, RLI, LLPI, RLPI)
• Working in the round on small and large circumferences
• Working multiple stitch patterns simultaneously, divided by markers
• Knitting through the back loop
• Cables with 1 and 2 cable needles
• Purling 2 stitches together (p2tog)
• Optional/Recommended Tubular Bind-Off (tutorial link included)

Pattern Includes

• 7 sizes, to fit between 32" – 72" (81.5 – 183 cm) bust circumferences
• 8 pages of tech-edited and pattern tested instructions.
• Charted and written cable pattern instructions
• Detailed written instructions for the capelet
• Links to videos for lifted increases, tubular cast-on and bind off and some of the cable stitches
• Beautiful color photography
• Professional pattern layout

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The Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

Get the Recipe from Wholesome Yum.