Gwen - New Pattern from KFI October 21, 2020 15:10

KFI's Winter collection is out, and among the new patterns is my Gwen pattern. It's a top-down, seamless cardigan, using Kathmandu Aran 100 yarn.

Take a look at some of my WIP pics for a closer look at this really fun-to-make sweater.

The shoulders are worked first—the back and the front, and stitches are picked up for the sleeve cap along the shoulder edge. A few short-rows are worked at the top of the sleeve cap. These short-rows could be considered the most experienced part of the pattern, and they could be left off, to make this a really simple pattern. But, I like the little extra curve they give to the top of the cap.

Then, the front, sleeve cap and back stitches are all worked at the same time, from the top down. with some stitches cast-on for the back neck, and increased for the front neck. At the underarm, the sleeve stitches are held, and some stitches are cast on, then the back and fronts continue to the hem for the body.

A pretty cable and garter ridge texture is added to the hemline of the body.

The held sleeve stitches are returned to the needle, and stitches are picked up over the cast-on underarm stitches, then the sleeves are worked in the round from the underarm to the cuff. Some garter stitch is worked at the cuff.

I choose to only include 3 buttons at the top of the buttonband because more often than not I only use those three buttons when I'm wearing a sweater, and I like the extra ease it gives around the hips to have the lower body hang open. But, of course buttons could be placed all the way along the front edges if that's your thing.

This pattern may be purchased from KFI, here.

And, this yarn is so cozy and soft, while being rustic and tweedy. Check out the colors! Which color would you use for your Gwen sweater?