Knit Now, Issue 122 - Casco Cap November 18, 2020 12:59

Issue 122 of Knit Now Magazine has hit the shelves, and I'm pleased to introduce you to the Casco Cap!

This cap has a bit of a story to it, it's somewhat personal, but I'll summarize by explaining that I see it as a protective hat—protective, from what? Whatever you'd like, I s'pose. Most logically, it protects from cold weather.

Hats are a sort of protection that we wear against the winter elements, in a similar way that helmets were once worn in a battle. Some ancient armors were etched. This cap is adorned with some colorwork, and thick and warm protective garter stitch to keep away the cold.

The earflaps are both worked first, then stitches are cast on for the front and back of the cap, and joined to work in the round. The colorwork pattern is worked using a larger needle, then the crown is worked in garter stitch using the main color using the smaller needle.

When the top of the cap is fastened off, what remains is the i-cord edging around the brim of the hat, then the cabled "braid" tails.

It's knitted using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, in three bold and contrasting colors, and is a fun knit for knitters who need a little protective headwear this winter.