Petal Socks - A dramatic update! December 10, 2020 02:00

In 2008, one of the very first patterns that I self-published was the Petal Socks pattern. Since then I've learned a LOT about knitwear design, pattern testing and pattern publishing.

A few months ago I received a scathing review of the original pattern, which drew my attention to how much the pattern didn't meet my current quality standards. I was embarrassed to continue selling the pattern as it was, and decided it needed a dramatic update.

I whipped up a new pair of Petal Socks using a smooth, solid-colored sock yarn—something with great stitch definition to really make the cables pop. I don't recommend using something fuzzy—like I did in my original photographs.

The pattern now has:

  • larger charts
  • written instructions for all charts
  • clear and legible font
  • beautiful photographs
  • detailed notes about how the socks are made
  • 8 pages of instructions

You can read more about this pattern here.

or get this pattern on Ravelry, using the code Petal10
sale ends December 24, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST